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We have some good news and some bad news...

posted Aug 10, 2011, 1:01 PM by CFO Info
Last night the South Euclid City Council voted to refuse to send the Oakwood referendum petition to the Board of Elections.
Why? A procedural reason.
We allegedly were supposed to hand a document to the city auditor (they don't have anyone with that title--look on the website for yourself) instead of the clerk of council.
We were told to expect this, so we are not caught off guard.
We are seeking a legal remedy.
Oakwood has a large and wonderful constituency, so we have lots of help and we will do whatever it takes to try to get the referendum on the ballot so the people of South Euclid can make this decision for themselves.
Cases like this usually move quickly, so we should know in a few weeks.
What should you do with your nervous energy while you wait to hear the outcome??
Write to Cleveland Heights city manager, city council and all the candidates for city council.
Ask them 2 simple questions.
"What have you done to save Oakwood?"
"What will you do to save Oakwood?"
Those who are already in office have done NOTHING TO SAVE OAKWOOD.  We don't use the word "nothing" casually, we mean "nothing".
If you write them and they say they have done something, please let us know by email or by posting on Facebook, or send us a tweet. (The contact information is below.)
Don't kid yourself, the Cleveland Heights part of Oakwood is next--no matter what happens in South Euclid.
Thanks to all of you for your support!
Edward J. Kelley, Mayor
Term expires December 31, 2013
216-291-4756 (Voice Mail)
216-315-4616 (cell #)
Phyllis L. Evans, Vice Mayor
Term expires December 31, 2011
Bonita W. Caplan
Term expires December 31, 2013
Kenneth Montlack
Term expires December 31, 2011
216-932-0991 (Residence)
216-320-5800 (Business)
 Jason S. Stein
Term Expires December 31, 2011
216-291-2044 (Voice Mail)
216-538-0129 (cell #)
Cheryl L. Stephens
Term expires December 31, 2013
Dennis R. Wilcox
Term expires December 31, 2011
216-522-0272 (Business)
Robert C. Downey, City Manager