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Psst! Do you want to see some campaign literature from First Interstate?

posted Oct 4, 2011, 9:43 PM by CFO Info
We thought you may be interested in seeing some of the campaign literature from the developer, so it is attached to the end of this post.
This is what we thought after we read it:
  • No one cares if people from Cleveland Heights and South Euclid are working together to preserve local businesses and our quality of life.
  • Of course we should work together, we're neighbors!
  • We all know that there can be a much better plan for Oakwood and our community than big box retail and drive thru restaurants.
  • Trying to start this silly "border war" has no appeal to any of us. (Actually, it's kind of embarrassing that they are trying to get us to fight with each other, isn't it?)

We do agree with First Interstate on two important things, though:
  • South Euclid residents are the only people who can vote NO on 96. Because it is going to appear on their ballots and theirs alone.
  • South Euclid residents can't be fooled. They will make the best decision for OUR community.

We need development, but the right kind in the right place.

NO on 96!

The best way to help Oakwood is to talk with someone about this issue, so please reach out to your family, friends and neighbors in South Euclid.
Check out the facts on the development. Read our fiscal analysis, Bad Deal for South Euclid

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CFO Info,
Oct 4, 2011, 9:44 PM