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Oakwood: South Euclid City Council will vote on rezoning Oakwood on Monday June 27th at 8pm.

posted Jun 21, 2011, 12:23 PM by CFO Info
South Euclid Zoning and Planning Committee meeting was held last night and they voted to send the Oakwood rezoning proposal to South Euclid City Council.
South Euclid City Council will probably vote on the Oakwood rezoning at Monday's meeting, June 27th at 8pm in South Euclid City Hall.
The Oakwood proposal states:
"The development will be a model for low-impact, sustainable design, including stream preservation, native plantings, drip irrigation, LEED certified buildings and LED parking lot lighting, etc. as discussed in the Executive Summary."
Instead, based on the discussion that took place last night in the city council committee meeting, South Euclid city officials may settle for:
  • The lowest level LEED certification--all new buildings must meet this specification.Shouldn't the buildings in a model sustainable design exceed the lowest LEED certification?
  • Only 80,000 sq ft of permeable surface. To see what a small proportion this is compared to the entire site, please look at the two propose site designs. Here is site design #1 and site design #2.
  • No right of first hire for South Euclid. 
  • No guaranteed living wage for the new jobs. A living wage is a minimum of $8.88/hr What is more important for sustainability than a living wage?
  • The stormwater management system for the development is 1/3 of the donated greenspace. The developer will pay no taxes on this mandated land use.
  • The 21 acre park will not have restrooms or a water fountain.
  • What is the justification for not paying taxes on land used for legallly mandated stormwater management.
  • The design for Cedar Center is more interesting and sustainable than the design for Oakwood. City Council knows what to ask for, why are they settling for less for Oakwood?
To read the complete application for rezoning, click here
Please ask yourself if it is worth ripping up the largest remaining greenspace in the inner ring suburbs for this proposed commercial development.
Please write or call (381-0400) the South Euclid city officials for one last time before they vote on the rezoning of Oakwood:
PS. If you haven't signed our petition yet, you can join 505 others and sign it by clicking here!
We do not oppose development. We want the right kind in the right place. Develop Cedar Center NOT Oakwood