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Oakwood Quiz: Did the traffic study for Oakwood consider Cedar Center?

posted Jun 14, 2011, 2:19 PM by CFO Info
Cedar Center is going to be developed.
Cedar Center is 6 blocks from Oakwood.
The traffic study for Oakwood did not take Cedar Center into consideration.
University Heights just approved a McDonald's to be built about 3 blocks from Cedar Center.
The traffic study done for McDonald's did not take Cedar Center into consideration.
The University Heights McDonald's will be built on Warrensville Rd. between Lansdale and Bushnell.
So, there is no traffic study that takes into consideration all three of these proposed developments, even though they are all within 1/2 mile of each other, and share the same main intersection-Cedar and Warrensville.
So that you can see for yourself, here is an excerpt from page 25 of the URS Corp. traffic study:
Since there were no traffic counts performed at intersections within the
neighborhood or along Cedar Road, we are unable to do any detailed analysis of
the impacts of McDonald’s traffic, or any traffic calming devices that may be
implemented. The impact study didn’t include the intersection of Cedar Road
and Warrensville Center Road, so there was no distribution of traffic from the
east and west on Cedar Road.
To see a map and read the entire traffic study for McDonald's click here.
To read the traffic study done for Oakwood click here .
Do you think we need another traffic study for Oakwood?
If you do, please contact county council representatives Sunny Simon  and Julian Rogers and South Euclid Mayor Welo  and Cleveland Heights Mayor Kelley 
Thank you!