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Oakwood: RTA and the Great Dust Bowl

posted May 28, 2012, 11:31 AM by CFO Info

Photos taken 5/27/12 of First Interstate, Inc. (FISE) construction on Oakwood.

1.The photos posted here were snapped from what will be the entrance to Oakwood Commons, at the Stonehaven and Warrensville intersection.
The front of the Superwalmart will face this entrance.
The bus stop for buses going south will be constructed at the Stonehaven entrance.

Shoppers who use the bus for transportation will have to cross Warrensville in order to catch a bus traveling north.

Why don't FISE and South Euclid city officials arrange for RTA to circulate through Oakwood Commons, so pedestrians and carts do not have to cross Warrensville to take the bus to travel north?  RTA circulates inside Severance and Richmond Mall to provide access in two directions, why not have RTA do the same inside Oakwood Commons?

2. A supporter is referring to Oakwood's construction site as The Great Dust Bowl. 
Here are excerpts from Jane Goodman's promises on her blog post.
After looking at these photos, you can decide for yourself if what Jane Goodman said would happen is happening. 

"• During construction he has to protect any trees and replace any he removes with adult, large trees, and limit the area his bulldozers compact the soil, and keep soil from washing off the surface into the sewers.

3. This deal would improve the environmental quality of the property in terms of soil, roots, canopy cover, streambank stabilization, sediment control, stormwater infiltration and management, plant and wildlife habitat and diversity, and water quality in Nine Mile Creek. We’d get a smaller amount of BETTER quality green space, and a net gain of trees over what’s there now."

If anyone has other photos of the construction, please send them in, or post on our Facebook page.


5/29/12 COMMENTS; Some of you wrote back to us and this is what you said:

Supporters sent in the following comments: 

"When I saw that army of earth destroying giants, I stopped and sadly took similar photos. Thanks for your efforts."
"wow.  Do you suggest we send our concerns to Jane Goodman and ask her to make sure the trees are all replaced as promised?

"wow.  Do you suggest we send our concerns to Jane Goodman and ask her to make sure the trees are all replaced as promised?"

"As if I'd believe anything local politicians promise.  What a joke.  Screw Goodman & Wal-Mart."

It's sick that Wal-Mart won due to their perseverance ..--------------they lusted over Oakwood over 10 years ago.  Funny, the few jobs that Wal-Mart will create. I read that maybe 50 low-wage hires ... great economic stimulus! You can't trust politicians. Why are people SO stupid in our society??????
I stay away from Wal-Mart and Sam's Club ...