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2 more Oakwood supporters weigh in re: emergency clause

posted Aug 8, 2011, 11:17 AM by CFO Info
Sorry to be a bother--but these emails just came in and they are too good to be missed. 

Oakwood Supporter #5Cleveland Heights City Council engages in the indiscriminate use of the emergency clause.  The City is on the verge of being sued for its unlawful mishandling of the Taylor Road Renovation Project if it continues to stonewall the concerned citizens who have demanded transparency.  Perhaps the Oakwood supporters should join in.  Excessive use of the emergency clause demonstrates one of two things:  a) an arrogant lack interest in the rights of the citizens to know what the municipality is up to, or b) a profoundly incompetent ability to manage the municipality's day-to-day deadlines.  Either way, it does not constitute good governance.  So, City Council, do you embrace or renounce accountability to those you purport to represent?

Oakwood Supporter #6
I believe that if you check the record, Cleveland Heights passes everything as an emergency.  I asked Ed Kelley about this and got a vague legalistic answer.

Thanks again for your comments and we'll see each other tonight.