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Here's why South Euclid voters are voting No on 96

November 9, 2011
The voters of South Euclid have spoken: Oakwood Commons will be built. And while we are deeply disappointed in the outcome of the election, Citizens For Oakwood wishes the residents of South Euclid well.  We thank the 3,451 South Euclid "No" voters for their support of not destroying the precious Oakwood land with Big Box development, and we salute the hard work and dedication of the No on 96 Campaign volunteers and supporters, people of both South Euclid and the surrounding area, whose belief in the importance of regional land use planning, and the value of green space, to a more sustainable future lives on.  

Jane Goodman's Ohio Elections Commission complaint dismissed
OEC Complaint Response

"Yes on 96" files complaint to Ohio Elections Commission. It was dismissed.
Our Oakwood Petition, telling  27 local policy makers and public servants we'd like Oakwood to become a community green space, was signed by almost 800 people. Although the petition is closed, you can read it here:Oakwood Petition

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